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Empower your business with Self Service Customer Care - Reduce Cost of Customer Support, Maximise Customer Support Resources & Increase Customer Loyalty.

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Support Features


It’s not all about Complaints and Tickets. With Custom3r your business also becomes more reachable to customers for other communication.

Customers can Request a Call Back about a certain Product or Service, view Frequently Asked Questions and also read User Manuals to clear their concerns before they raise a complaint.


Create Agent & Super Agent Accounts specific to Products or Services they manage and optimise their customer support efficiency.

With multiple agent accounts, Custom3r automatically assigns tickets to the least occupied agents. You can also Escalate Tickets between Agents, Define Service Level Agreements & monitor Customer Care efficiency.


Ask specific Questions in text, drop down or picture format for specific Products or Services related complaints, to make customer complaints precise and complete.

You can create your own Frequently Asked Questions & Answers to avoid customer complaints if they can be resolved by addressing popular issues. Customers can also view/download User Manuals of your Products & Services.


View Customer Profiles, Invoices, Registration No.. Warranty & Insurance information uploaded by customers of your Products and Services.

Custom3r empowers you with information of your customers for you to get product & market insights to help you in support and sales functions of your business.

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